I like to choose materials that push past the customary boundaries of painting, drawing, and sculpture. The current cross-disciplinary practices in art have expanded possibilities for so many artists, and I heartily endorse that freedom of experimentation as our work evolves in the studio.  

The mixed media assemblages and installations found on this website explore beginnings and conclusions -- movement and gesture -- stillness and flux. The investigation of these fundamental principles supports a continually evolving and inventive sculptural language that relies on constant experimentation.  

Supports made of paper, wood, and PVC board become the framework for aluminum, synthetic polymer paint, graphite, wire, and an ever-expanding range of commonplace materials that permeate our culture. The adaptable qualities of the materials reinforce experimentation with structure, as well as provide maximum flexibility with regard to subject, scale, and visual impact. The search for new sculptural possibilities beyond current trends and practices is a constant goal that drives the work.  

Finally, the outcome of the assemblages and installations goes beyond customary narrative, conceptual, or object-driven results. It is important for the work to also provide a three-dimensional context in which the viewer can project and relate to larger concerns and questions. While finding new ways to combine subjects, genres, and materials is an important part of the process, it is the unexpected connection and energy sparked between the viewer and the work that is key.

© Judith Pratt 2017

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