Point of Origin
An interactive installation 

Second Street Gallery’s Dové Gallery
Charlottesville, VA
February 2 - March 23, 2018

Exploring themes of migration and immigration, Pratt’s installation tackles the distinct ways in which our origins, whether a geographic location or cultural belief system, shape our individual and collective identities. The exhibition, acting as both a sculptural installation as well as an interactive work, creates an environment in which viewers can explore their own distinct connections to place and identity. 

Within the exhibition, viewers will be invited to contribute to the installation by signing their names and points of origin on a pre-cut piece of paper and placing it over a spindle, creating a new sculpture to add to the installation, which, in Pratt’s words, will “acknowledge the importance of including our similarities and differences without imposing bans.”

Pratt’s own point of origin is in central Virginia, near Washington D.C., an area that is deep-seated in both political power, as well as a historically tainted past. According to Pratt, memories such as the Civil War and slavery are “paradoxically camouflaged with the great natural beauty of the landscape.” This dichotomous
relationship serves as a source of inspiration in her work.

Pratt received a Master of Fine Arts in Painting from American University in Washington D.C. before going on to complete her Master of Arts in Modern and Contemporary Art History from Christie’s in New York. Along
with her career as an artist, Pratt has also served as a Curatorial Assistant at the Morgan Library and Museum in New York.

Exhibition Sponsor: The Andy Warhol Foundation

Photographs courtesy of Second Street Gallery and Stacey Evans Photography